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Marine Surveying for New Motor Yachts - C. Mark Souter
Marine Surveying for New Motor Yachts - C. Mark Souter


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Build your Navigation Bridge

Black Box technology allows us to build a bridge with the use of marine type monitors for presentation of Radar, ECS, Conning, Sonar etc.

Typical application of a modern bridge for boat size 30m to 40m

Usually a Navigation Bridge consists of:

- Primary Radar
- Secondary Radar
- Electronic Charting System
- Conning Station
- Gyro Compass
- Magnetic Compass
Primary GPS
- Secondary GPS
- Primary Echo Sounder
- Secondary Echo Sounder
- Speed Log
- Weather Station
- Auto Pilot

Above configuration includes a list of equipment related to navigation only. More equipment like communication, intercommunication, safety, monitoring systems are required to complete the list.

The Secret of a fully working and user friently system can not be seen in the picture

Interface units are responsible for data & information exchange between units.
- Collect the data from independent units
- Define the priority of data based on a hardware priority encoding system.
- Convert the signals for system compatibility
- Filtering
- Multiplexing
- Distribute the data at indepentent outputs.

How it Works

All navigational equipment are connected to interface units as I/O and from interfaces to Servers. The server receives RS-422 NMEA Data and transmits back all it own data for use to the other systems. 

About Fly Bridge equipment

- Black Box Charting system
- Multi Function Display as bridge repeater
- Data Repeater for Depth/Speed/Wind
- Auto pilot repeater

Usually another station is installed on Fly Bridge. If the configuration of the bridge consists of MFD (Multi Function Displays) then the fly bridge station can be fully operational Radar, fully operational ECS & Conning.  

Ship's Office and/or Captain's Office

- Multi Function Display as bridge repeater
- Data Repeater as Wind/Depth indicator and Anchor/Wind/Depth Alarm
- CCTV Repeater or station

Installation Examples

- M/Y GUILTY (Non MFD installation)
M/Y Tatiana Per Sempre (MFD Installation)

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