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TGS4100 GMDSS Simulator
product's model: Transas TGS


GMDSS Simulator

Transas GMDSS 4100 simulator (TGS) includes one instructor workplace and up to 16 trainee workplaces. Each workplace includes one or several personal computers connected to the common local Microsoft Windows NT 4.0/2000/XP network. The telephone communication is provided by S.P.Radio microtelephone handsets connected to the sound card.

CONFIGURATIONs of student's workplace:

- The student workplace can work both in network mode and standalone mode, when the trainee can make use of the self-education program.

- The PC-based simulator is designed for individual and joint training of fleet operators with expert assessment of their competency in accordance with STCW Code’95.


Transas Radio Communication simulators based on PCs, software and hardware facilities have been developed for training and examining ship specialists who receive a General Operator Certificate (GOC) or Restricted Operator Certificate (ROC). The program implemented in the simulator is in full compliance with IMO Resolution A.703(17) and the latest requirements of the STCW Convention, and ensures correct and efficient operation of all the GMDSS equipment subsystems in the scope specified in IMO ‘Model Course 1.25’.


  • Accurate imitation of equipment produced by one of the world’s leaders, the Danish company S.P.Radio (Sailor Compact 2000 and Sailor Program 4000 line), as well as of individual devices by other leading producers of ship equipment.
  • Full imitation of MF/HF/VHF communication in DSC, telephony and telex modes and satellite communication in telephony, telex and facsimile modes between the workplaces (ships), and with coastal radio stations in the automatic and semiautomatic (with instructor input) modes for any shipping areas.
  • Imitation of transmission of maritime safety information via the SafetyNET, via NAVTEX radio stations and on HF NBDP frequencies.
  • Imitation of radio wave propagation with the use of radio ether model, which takes into account the time of the day and distance between the stations.
  • Availability of background noises in the telephone mode.
  • Instructor capability to promptly enter different interference on the selected frequencies, to listen to the free channel signals of a coast station, to operate in NBDP and DSC modes.
  • Conducting SAR operations with the use of the radar for detecting SART marks, prompt change of the ship’s course and speed.
  • Instructor monitoring of any workplaces on the real time scale and recording of all the work to a log, unique scenario preparation, storage and running editor.
  • Prompt switching of any workplace from the network operation mode to the single-user mode, which provides the self-education and self-testing modes for acquiring the skills to operate equipment and work in the communication channel.
  • Availability of an electronic chart displaying the coast station bases, GMDSS sea areas, SAR areas, plus the capability to assess the radio communication range depending on the selected communication band.
  • Recording and playback of radiotelephone communications.
  • Two VHF and DSC RT4822 stations used on each trainee workplace.
  • Ability to operate jointly with bridge operation simulator.


Transas has created four generations of GMDSS simulators, taking into account the requirements of relevant organisations. The Transas GMDSS simulators hold type approval certificates from the Department of Maritime Transport of Russia, and from a number of international organisations (France Telecom, Canada Industry, MCA).

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