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nm-cctv (Network controlled CCTV system)


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ERS4000 Integration


Integration with Bridge Simulator

virtual ship

Using the open architecture and modular design structure of its simulators, Transas achieved the integration of ERS 4000 Engine Room Simulator and Navi-Trainer 4000 shiphandling simulator into a single interactive training environment.

The combined training of engineering personnel and deck officers in a single exercise accomplishes the following tasks:

  • training of efficient and well-coordinated cooperation between the engine room and ship bridge teams as on an actual ship;
  • understanding of the complexity of all onboard equipment and interactions;
  • training in emergency situations;
  • advanced equipment familiarisation necessary due to the increased level of automation on modern ships, where more engine monitoring and control devices are installed on the bridge (in accordance with the IMO ‘Watch 1’ standard).


Maritime simulator centres and schools providing training for dual qualification specialists (navigator/engineer).

  • Shipping companies arranging training for the ship’s crews.
  • Advanced ship-handling simulation and training courses for crews of vessels with high level of automation.

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