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nm-eControl (iPad Controller for eClients)
nm-eControl (iPad Controller for eClients)


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ERS4000 Engine Room Simulator


Engine Room Simulator

  • ERS4000-Solo
  • Designed for self-education, equipment
    familiarisation and knowledge training.
  • Run on standalone PC.
  • Off-line instructor functions include
    exercise editor
    and debriefing.


  • ERS4000-Network Class
  • Designed for individual, group and team training.
  • Instructor control and monitoring.
  • Up to 12 interactive trainee workstations.


  • ERS4000-Full mission
  • Ship-like consoles with built-in monitoring and control panels.
  • Full interaction between simulator software and hardware.
  • Any combination of ERS 4000 Network and
    Full Mission workstations


3D Virtual Reality
Engine room area for familiarisation with the machinery set and its appearance. System mnemonic diagrams and local control places. Familiarisation with engine room sounds.


Instructor's Workplace
Instructor's software is running on a computer with two monitors.
The first for instructor's control program and the second is replica of the selected trainee’s monitor (Slave monitor).

Trainee Workplace
ERS 4000 enables trainee operation with the following modules:

Main engine and ancillary subsystems
main engine and ancillary subsystems

  • Fresh water cooling system.
  • Propulsion control system.
  • Sea water cooling system.
  • Lubrication oil system.
  • Fuel oil transfer system.
  • Fuel oil and lubrication oil separators.
  • Fuel oil supply system.
  • Compressed air system.
  • Exhaust gas and turbocharger system.
  • Main engine local control post.
  • Controllable Pitch Propeller , reduction gear, clutch and stern tube.
  • Combustion process in the cylinders (‘Cylinder diagram’).

    Ship electrical power plant
    Ship electrical power plant

  • Diesel generator #1.
  • Diesel generator #2.
  • Shaft generator.
  • Turbo generator.
  • Shore supply.
  • Emergency generator.
  • Main switchboard.
  • Emergency switchboard.
  • Consumers, feeders, earth monitoring etc.

    Auxiliary system auxiliary systema

  • Steam plant.
  • Boiler fuel system.
  • Steam turbine.
  • Steering gear.
  • Bilge water system.
  • Water desalination plant.
  • Fire alarm station.
  • Fire main system.
  • Fire CO2 system.
  • Provision cooling system (refrigeration plant).

    Air conditioning system.

    Safety and Alarm system


    The Safety and Alarm System of ERS 4000 features the following:

    • alarm station with alarm indicators;
    • sound and light notification of new alarm;
    • acknowledge function;
    • group alarm panel;
    • alarm log printer emulation;
    • safety system with main engine slowdown and shutdown;
    • emergency control.

    Product Certificates:
    - Type approval certificate

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