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KST102 Waterproof IP67 Marine Keyboard

Ideal for front panel mounting by means of twelve M4-threaded studs. The sealing into the customers’ panel is assured by an IP67 grade silicone sponge seal which is part of the supply.

The KST102 keyboard uses short travel switches with low pressure and positive tactile feedback for convenient fast data entry. The waterproof level of the unit is obtained thanks to the inherent sealing capabilities of its polyester front. The fields of industrial applications are very wide; indoor- and outdoor where a higher input speed is required while maintaining outstanding sealing characteristics.


  • Short travel switches of 0,3 mm with low pressure of 2.55N for increased speed typing
  • Positive tactile feedback and key embossing
  • Optimum legending colour scheme and contrast
  • Multifunctional layout with separate control-, cursor- and numerical pad
  • Surface : polyester, chemical resistant
  • Carrier plate : aluminium
  • Mounting position : all angles
  • Supply voltage : +5V +/- 5% (via keyboard port)
  • Supply current : 60mA max.
  • Operating temperature : 0°C to +60°C
  • Output 1,6 m. PS/2 or USB cable(s)
  • Dimensions : 349 x 152 x 28 mm
  • Weight : 1,5 kg / 2,8 kg
  • Sealing total unit IP67 frontal sealed

The PS/2 keyboards are supplied with two 1,6 m long shielded straight cable ended with 6 pin mini DIN plugs.
The USB versions are supplied with one 1,6m long shielded straight cable ended by a USB type A connector.


Due to the increasing differences of PS/2 mouse port specifications of the various PC manufacturers, we do recommend that this unit should be tested on the final PC configuration and operating system prior to installing it in series.

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