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nm-eRelay (control buttons & switches via nm-eControl)
nm-eRelay (control buttons & switches via nm-eControl)


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E-Ship2k V2.0

System Overview
Golden A/S approaches ship operation in a intelligent and innovative way.
According toáthe latest technology standards, intelligent functionality, modularity and excellent support, Golden A/S provideáto ship-owners and shipyardsá a totally new and innovative solutionáof low overall costs of ownership, easy to maintain and easy to expand in order to meet individual or regulatory requirements.
E-Ship2k V2.0 is designed to meet the latest classification societies requirements for periodically unmanned engine room operation. It is configurable from 100 to 10000 channels. It can be integrated as a simple Alarm System or as more complex Control and Monitoring System. The Individual Modules currently provided for E-Ship2k V2.0 are the following:
An alarm system shall provide all relevant information without overloading the user with irrelevant or erroneous alarms, especially in a critical situation. Further the alarm system shall present the information in a clear way, guiding the operator's attention to the condition with the highest priority.
E-Ship2k V2.0 system features alarm filtering and suppression mechanisms developed to eliminate erroneous alarms. The most recent alarm comes in the top of the Alarm List in a color relative to the alarm level condition. Alarms are groupedáinámachineryácategories eliminating by this way unnecessary alarm conditions while machinery is in Stop State. Advanced information can be obtained on-line from the operator regarding the location of the sensor – corresponding to the alarm – in the engine room plant and the type and settings of the sensor. The entire Engine Room is modeled on a Tree Indicator which represents the interaction of the specific channel to the Machinery -> to the Functional Group -> to the Process Module. In this way the operator can take immediate actions depending on theágravityáof the alarm and the subsystems affected by this condition.
Alarm events areáfiled in a database and can be accessed any time from any station of the system on-line. Further to the on-line features, E-Ship2k V2.0 Alarm Module provides the operator with the capability to download on a memory stick or other removable media selected alarm logsá filedáin the database.
E-Ship2káenables áthe operatorá to select as many channels required to be logged in the database on a predefined time basis and/or in the event of an alarm. The historical logs are available dynamically to all remote stations for further analysis and statistics.
Trend Viewer is provided for all stationsáaccordingáto áuser's selection of channel groups and variable timing. Trend templates can be saved separately for each station so the user can have his own selections ready every time rebooting his PC.
Unlimited number of Running Hour Meters and counters can be user programmed for machineries and scheduled to alarm the operator for machinery maintenance based on manufacturer specifications. The entire procedure of machinery maintenance it is also logged in the database and the data become available to operators for historical maintenance analysis.
Information scheduler is available in each station in orderáto enableáá operators to schedule reminders for maintenance or critical tasks that should be performed in the engine room plant in the future.
Bar graph display of selected channels with on-line statistics.
Dead Man Alarm module is by default integrated to the Alarm and Monitoring system.
During Unmanned engine room operation alarms are transferred to selected positions selected from the Main or Backup stations.
The built-in self-diagnostic system alarms the operator in the event of any failure.
This may be any component or communication failure within the system itself, or in case of field instrument failures. Multiple levels of redundancy can be integrated based on ship’s or individual needs.
  • Alarm detection with visual and acoustic alarm indication
  • Alarm groups with Machinery, Functional Group and Process properties
  • Alarm Summary and History
  • Alarm extension system for bridge & cabins for UMS operation
  • Exhaust Gas temperature monitoring
  • Sensor maintenance feature
  • Sensor localization and specifications on-line
  • Variable colors for multiple alarm levels
  • Logging of alarms and events to printer
  • Running hours monitoring and maintenance process
  • Logs (Daily, Alarms, Historical) with export to removable media
  • Trend monitoring
  • Bar graph display of selected channels
  • System and communication network monitoring
  • Engine Room maintenance / event scheduler

Motor Control

E-Ship2k V2.0 module provides the operator with advanced unified controláin allá pumps or motors controlled by the system. The systemáis linked to áa dedicated Fieldbus (CANbus or EtherCAT) for the control and monitoring of the starter panels.
The system is designed to fit in eitheráa Distributed Starter panel topology oráa Centralized Starter Panel Board.

  • Local / Remote Start / Stop sequence
  • Standby Pump feature
  • RPM monitoring
  • Fault monitoring
  • Fail Safe functionality


Power Management module of E-Ship2k V2.0 is a standard power management system for marine applications.
The system has been designed to carry out generator control, supervision and protection functions of up to 8 generators running at the same time. The system supports three main systems depending on the individual's application.
The system performs power management features such as load dependent start/stop, programmable start priority, heavy consumer control, blackout start sequence, supervision of a shore breaker and a bus coupler, symmetrical and asymmetrical load sharing, trip of non-essential load groups and programmable I/Os etc.

  • Load Dependent Start / Stop
  • Programmable Start Priority
  • Heavy Consumer Control
  • Balckout start sequence
  • Supervision of Shore Breaker
  • Symmetrical and Assymetrical Load Sharing
  • Trip of Non-Essential Load Groups

  • Over and Under Voltage
  • Over and Under Frequency
  • Reverse Power
  • Overcurrent
  • Fast Overcurrent (>42ms)
  • Overload
  • Current Unbalance
  • Voltage Assymetry
  • Loss of excitation and over excitation

  • Over and Under Voltage
  • Over and Under Frequency

  • Start / Stop Sequence
  • AVR / Speed Governor Control
  • Overspeed Protection
  • Basic Engine Protections

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