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DAC-109 Universal NMEA -> Gyro signal Stepper/Synchro

Universal NMEA to synchro converter DAC-109 is intended for converting digital course value (heading), received in the NMEA 0183 sentences into the sychro signals required to operate analogue synchro and stepper repeaters and other devices.

In addition, the converter DAC-109 may be used as a digital repeater for displaying current course value (heading). UCB-91 remote control unit may be used for remote control of DAC-109.



Power supply voltage: 18...32 VDC
Output voltage: option 25~110 VAC (regulated) 400 VAC
Maximum power consumption: option 150W 400W
Types of connected analogue repeaters: synchro or stepeer
Frequency of output alternating voltage (for synchro repeaters): 50 Hz / 500 Hz (regulated)
NMEA 0183 inputs: 2× RS-232/422/485 (1× main + 1× reserved)
Maximum baudrate: 115200 bps
Protection: optoisolated inputs, galvanically isolated from the mains supply
Supported protocols: NMEA 0183 ver.1 and 2 (with/without CRC)
Supported NMEA 0183 sentences: HDG, HDT, HDM
Protection class: IP 22 Ambient conditions:
Operation temperature -20C to +55C
Storage temperature-55C to +75C
Dimensions: 262 × 305 × 128 mm
Weight: less than 6 kg

DAC-109 Installation & Operation Manual

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