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NM-2C BNWAS Interface

Heading/Track Control Converter for BNWAS

The NM-2C is an interface intended for use between ship’s GPS or heading or track control system and the BNWAS according to the Paragraph of Res. MSC. 128 (75) stating: The BNWAS should incorporate the following operational modes:Automatic (Automatically brought into operation whenever the ship's heading or track control system (i.e. auto steering mode of steering control stand (Auto pilot)) is activated and inhibited when this system is not activated).


The NM-2C can input NMEA-0183 data from the GPS ($GPVTG or $GPRMC) or the ship’s heading or track control system ($--HTD or $--HTC from the Auto Pilot) and supply to the BNWAS the automatic ON/OFF commands via a dry contact closure output interface.
The NM-2C has three modes of operation that are user selectable via the jumpers J1 and J2 (see composite layout image and Jumper configuration settings table below):
In this mode the NM-2C is connected to the GPS and the automatic ON command is initiated for vessel speeds equal or greater than 3 knots and the OFF command for speeds less than 3 knots.
In this mode the NM-2C is connected to the Autopilot and the automatic ON command is initiated when the selected steering mode is one of the S (Standalone), H (Heading control), T (Track Control) or R (Rudder control) and the OFF command when the M (Manual steering) is selected (see Appendix A: NMEA $xxHTD and $xxHTC sentences specification).
In this mode the relay output interface is tested for normal operation along with the BNWAS correct connection/functionality (for testing/service purposes only)

Power Supply

The NM-2C can be powered within the range of 10-32 Volt DC. The nominal voltage of 24 Volt DC is advised for powering the device in normal operation.
Power input port features protection for incorrect polarity connection of the supplying voltage and a PTC resettable Fuse in case of overload.

Input Port (listener)

The NM-2C has one NMEA-0183 input port that can be connected to the GPS or heading/track control system. The input port is optoisolated as specified in NMEA-0183 protocol, thus data(-) pole should never been connected to NM-2C ground. If the instrument’s talker port is single ended, connect that terminal to the In(+) input and tide the IN(-) to instrument’s ground. If a RS-232 signal level is connected the ground pole (GND) should be connected to In(+) and the data pole (TXD) to In(-) respectively.
The input port can acquire NMEA-0183 sentences carried in TTL, RS-232 and RS-485/422 signal levels.

Output Port (contact closure interface)

The output port of the NM-2C is a dry contact closure interface. The user can select between the Normally Closed or Normally Open contact, in order to achieve compatibility with the BNWAS system.

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