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nm-Net (Networking solution for mid-size Yachts)
nm-Net (Networking solution for mid-size Yachts)


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NM-11ETH (1in/1out NMEA Ethernet Gateway)
 Our Price: 120.00€

  The NM-11ETH is an Input / Output interface featuring one optically isolated input, one RS-422 signal level output port and one Serial over Ethernet I/O interface. The NM-11ETH is intended for use with computer based systems such as ECDIS, SVDR/VDR and conning/monitoring systems where NMEA-0183 data must be acquired from a source such us the GPS, Gyro, LOG, AIS, Radar ARPA, Echo Sounder or BWNAS. The connection to the computers is achieved via the Serial over Ethernet Interface with the use of a single CAT5 cable, either by creating a virtual serial port or directly a user selectable UDP socket for applications that support this feature.


Alternatively it can be used in installations to interconnect additional sources and existing interfaces like multipliers (e.g. NM-251A series), multiplexers, data converters (e.g. NM-251B speed log interface) and data filters to computer based systems without the need to install additional high cost Multiport cards or commercial-non isolated USB to Serial converters.




The NM-11ETH can acquire serial NMEA-0183 signals provided that these follow the 4.800-38.400/8/N/1standard. The signal is received at the target computer application via the Serial over Ethernet interface, either by creating a virtual serial port (VSP), or directly from the assigned UDP socket. An output from the computer software (e.g. signal to the autopilot from the ECDIS) can be delivered via the same Serial over Ethernet Interface to the output port carried in RS-422 signal level format. 


Typical application



The NM-11ETH can be used as shown above to connect the gyro output directly to the ECS. In case a distribution interface is already installed like the NM-251A shown above, the NM-11ETH is suggested to be connected to an output port of the interface and have the fail-safe functionality also in the ECS.





NM-11ETH User's Manual Ver 1.00
NM-11ETH User's Manual Ver. 2.00
NM-11ETH Programming Guide Ver. 1.00



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