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nm-cctv (Network controlled CCTV system)
nm-cctv (Network controlled CCTV system)


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nm-pbx (VoIP telephone exchange system)
product's model: nm-pbx

The main core of nm-pbx is based onan Open Source Softwareand the goal is to incorporate all the communication alternatives, available at an enterprise level, into a unique solution.  


There are new ways of communication every day and the addition of features and functionality must be constant.nm-pbx it’s capable of establish an efficient environment on youryacht with the addition of many features that allows to integrate other systems.




  • The nm-pbx is part of your local network. All you need is a functional Ethernet network on-Board.
  • No limits to the capacity of the nm-pbx extensions.
  • Addnew extension at any time
  • Withthe use of a softphone application move arround the boat with your own smartphone, call and receive via nm-pbx without limits.
  • Integrateland Line,GSM, Inmarsat and VoIP lines.
  • Easy maintenance and integration.
  • Crew can use the nm-pbx as intercommunication system with low cost smartphones from the local Market or theirown cellular phones to communicate.
  • Wake-up calls and voicemail for all extensions.
  • Use any standard VoIP telephone from themarket or analog telephones with the use of FXS modules.

Some of the basic Features include:

  • Voicemail
  • Fax-to-email
  • Support for softphones
  • Web Interface Configuration
  • Virtual conference rooms
  • Call recording
  • Least Cost Routing
  • Extension Roaming
  • PBX Interconnection
  • Caller ID
  • CRM
  • Advance Reports

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